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04-03-2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
That 4th line is disgusting. Far better option for the bottom 6:


Here's a better way to look at things, if we consider Christensen a 13th forward and don't slot in Lats/Butch:

[Rookie or FA]-Cullen-Granlund

Essentially, that's taking our current lineup and adding in a 2nd line, shifting everyone else down.
The issue with that is that one of the selling points for keeping Christensen around is his shootout skills. You can't be in the shootout if you are the 13th forward and sitting in the J.S.M.P.B. Night after night, so I think if we sign him we have to slot him somewhere and slot him somewhere where he will be able to be productive. He does nothing as a 4th liner because he is not a grinder. He's top 6 or bust, in my opinion.

But you are right, your bottom 6 looks a lot better than mine.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Here's the problem with Christensen. Assuming they keep one (or both) of Bouchard and Latendresse, EC will be moved down the lineup into a depth role, where he sucks, and then he'll "lose his confidence" and spend the next six weeks trying to find it.

He's the kind of guy you have to cater to in your lineup. I'm guessing that's why he never sticks around for more than a year with any team. I'm sure Torts wasn't going to be super patient trying to let a 15-20 goal scorer "find his game" on the top line with Gaborik.

Great guy for the kind of team that doesn't intend to go anywhere. He'll get you some wins for cheap and then you shuffle him out when he goes cold.

But to rely on him in the top six if you've got players that can give you more on a reliable basis...that's just foolish.
So then I think we need to look at moving someone else down into the depth role if Christensen comes back and we later on get Butch or Lats back. Christensen can play center, so while it is not a very palatable option, the option is there to move Cullen down to third line. Might even be a wakeup call to Cullen that he needs to produce beyond November.

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