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04-03-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
The issue with that is that one of the selling points for keeping Christensen around is his shootout skills. You can't be in the shootout if you are the 13th forward and sitting in the J.S.M.P.B. Night after night, so I think if we sign him we have to slot him somewhere and slot him somewhere where he will be able to be productive. He does nothing as a 4th liner because he is not a grinder. He's top 6 or bust, in my opinion.

But you are right, your bottom 6 looks a lot better than mine.
I think the issue is that we have different priorities in building a team. You're looking at Christensen and saying "how can we get the most out of him" while I'm looking at the available lineup pieces and saying "where can we get the most value, both for this year and going forward?" I'm also putting a lot more weight on a Lats/Butch return. Remember, even if Lats/Butch aren't available at the start of the season, one is likely to appear a month or two in. Then what do we do with your lineup? The logical move is to put Christensen in the press box. If we're already planning on him ending up there eventually, should we really be tailoring our lineup around him? In my setup, Christensen technically has the chance to compete against rookies for that last roster spot. I just assume he'll lose out.

I think we can all agree we don't want to sign EC before 7/1. If we manage to pick up a forward in free agency, EC is certainly squeezed out of the lineup. Given that we wouldn't sign him prior to 7/1, is it ensured he'll even be available?

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