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04-03-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
If he's not healthy he's not in the lineup. That's enough of a stick. If he's not preparing himself in the offseason, take off the "C".

Something tells me with Mikko there's never been an issue with work and preparation. Just the opposite. He needs to pace himself and learn to back off a bit.

Last summer seems like he did way too much, WC's, Army, whatever it was he looked tired for much of the year. Once he was forced to rest to heal, he came back and looked rejuvenated.

The only downside is that two summers ago when he was injured and had surgery he came to camp looking tired and slow.

So I don't know what it is, but the Wild better figure it out, because he's too damn expensive to be a 70 point player.
Well, I remember this old article about Koivu becoming the face of Finnish hockey back in 08 I think, and there was talk about how he developed.

And the most talk about developing was about his physical developing, he had his growth spurt at 14 or 15 which gave him a lot of pain in the knees, after that was all done, his father Jukka Koivu had seen what had happened to Saku, who had just blown his knee during his sophomore season, and seen how it affected Saku's game and he got into a lot of injuries. They were saying that Saku worked too hard during the off-season in the middle of his rookie and sophomore season and forgot to heal up, which led to that.

So because of that, Jukka wanted to protect that from happening to Mikko, so he said that he should not train really hard before he himself (as in Jukka) thought it was the right time to do it. He even started to coach Mikko's junior team, and stopping his before that, rising in the ranks of Finnish coaches. I mean, he really, really wanted Mikko to go through the teen years with no injuries. Also the constant comparing to Saku made it worse for Mikko, who wanted to get out of the shadows, which meant working harder; but Jukka just kept on saying no. And that showed in the U16, U18 National Camps where Mikko would always have by far the worst test results of the groups, which made him want to work out even more. That all IMO comes down to his passion for the game and the fire inside him that pushes him to do more than he should.

When Jukka finally let Mikko to start doing some real work in the gym, it's been told that his friends had to stop Mikko from doing some exercises since he was trying way too hard. I have a feeling that it still is like that, he wants to work out real hard, and doesn't know where to stop.

As much as I liked the way Jukka wanted to create the best possible opportunity for Mikko to grow as a player, he should've let Mikko work out by himself earlier, so he would have understood to slow down when needed.

I think that both of the Koivu's injury problems have come from working out too hard and not letting their bodies heal during the off-season and breaks. Now Saku is older and it seems that he has understood to let it go a bit, but now it's the trouble what older players do get, groins etc.

I just hope for Mikko's sake that he learns that too before it's too late.

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