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04-03-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
Just found out this morning that Cain is under .500 lifetime. For a guy that is 7 years into his career, making $22m per season he should be like .600+. Downright terrible. Even if he other numbers are well above average, wins are THE most important stat. I'd rather have a guy with a full run higher ERA who wins more games.
That makes absolutely no sense and is downright laughable. Just because the offense around him blows doesn't count against how good he pitches. Wins is a team stat, not an individual stat. People are starting to stop this old fashioned way of thinking and finally looking at the important stats (ERA, WHIP, FIP, xFIP, etc.) to see how good a pitcher really is, not his win-loss record. The best example of that is King Felix winning the 2010 Cy Young at 13-12 because he was the best pitcher in every important category. A pitcher can only control what you give up, not what your team scores. There is so much luck on a year-to-year basis with wins that using it to rate a pitcher's quality is ridiculous.

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