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04-03-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
So you're saying you win games with whip, IP, k's? Oh ok. He DID give up 11 losses on the season last year. Are the losses his team's fault?

It's about what you do with what you're given. Your team gives you 3 in the first inning? Get the win by allowing 2 or less. You get nothing? You give up nothing. Averages of stats mean little to me. Wins aren't averaged. I always thought the idea was to Win the game, Win the LCS, Win the World Series. Not win the era title.

Pitching to get the important outs and keep leads is more important. I don't care if a guy wins 5-4 or 5-0. He still won. That said, I have no idea where Cain ranks on the run support list. My point is that SF is putting $22m per year into a #2 guy on their pitching staff when they need major help offensively. Spread the money and talent around. Cain is barely worth $11m a year to me.

I'd much rather have a TEAM of equally paid/performing players than a couple of stars with high salaries filled in with role players and rookies. Easier to plug in for injuries and down-years that way. If Cain becomes the next Zito, they're stuck in a huge hole.
Some of them absolutely. You can't just absolve the offense and defense and hang it all to dry on the pitcher. Yes, the contract is horrible, I won't argue that.

But if I had a WHIP under one, an ERA under 3, and 9 or 10ks per outing while generally pitching into the 7th or 8th, you can be damn sure that a loss is more often than not on somebody else's shoulders that game 9 times out of 10.

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