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Inline Hockey tip thread

I did a search and went about 4 pages deep before I gave up, so forgive me if this exists.

So I have started playing inline hockey, right now the best ive got is 4 on 4 half rink with a goalie.

so there is very little space and im wondering if it is going to hurt or help me in the long run. i have yet to get by someone 1 on 1, and this is a skill that i definitely want to add to my tools, but in this instance even if i get by him ill just run into another players stick most likely.

also im playing on smooth concrete, how much does this differ from sport court in terms of protecting the puck.

if i go around someone and use one arm to cradle the puck away from someone on smooth concrete i feel that its taking a lot more work then on a surface with less friction, but i could be wrong on this.

anyway, those are just some of my newbie gripes that i havent really found a fix to yet.

think of this as a tip thread for the minor nuances in roller hockey that dont exist in ice hockey.

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