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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
I thought about going back more years but figured I'd cap at just 3 three in the last 3 years being they seem so close and all very good.

With Dubi I don't know if I give him a lot for outdoing Gomez and Drury, because I don't know how tough it was. Then I also felt he got a lot out of playing with Jagr. IMO Dubi's game was a lot of, where is Jagr, send him the puck, cash in on an assist. Much like Petr Prucha, Jagr had an impact on Dubinsky. To the contrary, Gomez thought he was still good enough to control the play, but he wasn't so he didn't meld with Jagr. Drury is more of a shoot the puck someone else create the play kind of guy and that didn't meld well with Jagr who was also looking to shoot the puck.

No doubt Krieder is the front runner, IMO. I care because this team has been built from within and having stellar rookies year after year helps build dynasties! I don't want the Rangers to be good for a year, then go back to mediocrity. I want them to be among the best teams in the league for a long time.
I agree its great if every year a new rookie comes in and plays or is more effective than the last. That shapes out for a pretty solid team. I just mean i feel like you are listing guys that will be better by undermining how effective Hagelin has been this season. I dont think he is getting the credit he should. Future wise i dont know how much better he can get or if he will get worse but this year as rookie it would be tough to beat and to beat him you would have to be in the mix for rookie of the NHL because he is not that far off this season. With Dubi i knew he was good immediately he just created things when he was on the ice more than Gomez or Drury, and i would attribute a lot of that too Jagr who creates space for anyone, but to call Jagr a guy who want to shoot is not really accurate he just wants to play puck possession and neither Drury or Gomez play that game, because there not strong enough and just dont play that style.

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