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Originally Posted by GLM View Post
pens fan here. great post.

i have been saying this since the craziness ensued. why laviolette (sp) put what amounts to a pretty decent line of talent of simmons, briere and schenn with that little time left was beyond stupid. you guys were up 6-3 and all that needed to be done was run the clock out. throw the 4th linie out, kill the clock and maybe a dust up with a few seconds left.

the pens had no choice but to put that line out there. y put sid, geno or staals line out there to risk injury? bylsma put out a grinders line to ice the clock.

this to me could have been avoided had briere didnt have his head down. vitale took a clean hit and EVERYONE lost it after a clean hit.

it was part of the game, just like the fights after are.

its hockey between two rivals who hate each other and both teams were taking slashes and shots at players all game.

4/5th place doesnt matter, all that matters is looks like we get to hate on each other for another playoff tilt! let the hatred commence! lol
On the contrary, when was the last time you saw a guy take a run at another player with under a minute left in a 6-3 game, where it wasn't to stir things up or send a message for the next game? You could make arguments from both sides that will sound fairly rational.

You're not going to convince many of the fans around here to change their opinion on the play. And honestly, we'll never know what the true intentions were of the players on the ice. It certainly seemed like Asham lost his cool when he went after both Schenn and Rinaldo. He may not have gotten that order from the coaches, but he definitely knows what his role is as designed by the coach.

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