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04-03-2012, 02:29 PM
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I never knew sutter changed the entire system, correct me if im wrong but he didnt change the entire system, he probably just added a few bits and pieces of his style into the TM system.

Regardless of what people will say about the JJ and Carter trade, it was a win win for both teams. JJ is doing well in columbus and we are doing just fine without him in LA. Do certain fans miss him? Absolutely, the guy was a class act and I hate how some people are still preceiving him today as a greedy mother ****er. Carter has definitely made this team better. I mean our stats show it all. Arent we top 5 in scoring after the trade deadline? Imagine if Carter was on the ice last night against Edmonton, we probably would have had more goals.

Lets not forget about our two heroes, King and Nolan. These two have been a blessing to our roster. I seriously hope these two will stay in the lineup for next year. I am loving DK's game.

Of course lets not forget about our defense. Yes Quick has been PHENOMENAL but will he be this good without our defense? Without Greene, Mitchell, and Scuds? I hope Quick wins the Vezina, the guy deserves it and although I like Hank as well, Quick has shown that in this competitive division, a goaltender CAN make a difference.

I thought Penner had a good game last night. He was physical and was on target. I wouldnt mind signing him again next year if we can get him really cheap for another 1-2 years.

I still hate stoll and richardson. They need to find a way to finish...

Last but not least, we got two games left. If we can seal the deal on both of these games and win the divisional title, let the streaking commence.

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