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04-03-2012, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by BourqueBourqueBork View Post
I don't think fighting is risky with Trotz, per se. Otherwise McGrattan wouldn't even be on the roster.

I think fighting for no reason, or taking unnecessary penalties (like Tootoo used to do often) is what gets you in the dog house.

Shea Weber can certainly fight...and he did a lot more as a younger player. But now his value is too high for the team to want to miss 5 solid minutes of his presence. He's an important piece. So if, say Weber were to get in a fight with a much lesser player on the other team (who roughed up Hornqvist, for instance), it would end up hurting our team more.

Look at Zdeno Chara. His penalty minutes are down, too. Why? Because he knows his value to his team doesn't lie with his fighting ability.

Also, as 101st pointed out...we have Fisher. Remember last year's playoffs? He fought Getzlaf. That didn't seem to get him benched. And that was in the freakin' playoffs.
Yeah i agree fighting alone is not going to get a player benched and probably hasnt but i think the guys are a little tight worried about getting scratched or moved lines if they mess up. Wilson is not going to get any better and learn his role defensively sitting on the bench. It takes scars and ice time to do that. The same goes with Smith he is not going to be learning anything sitting on the bench. If the guy had goals for every time he hit the post he would be up in rankings with the other rookies.
Sure him or Wilson are not the greatest defensively but i do not find are current roster doing much on stopping people either with the exception of the Detroit game.

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