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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Also, if Seth goes to Everett this year he is considered a CHL player and as part of the CHL-NHL agreement he would only be eligible to play in the NHL or Everett during the 2013-2014 season, but if he goes to college next season he could play one year at UND and then either decide to return to college or sign with whatever team drafts him, should he sign he is considered a college player which would allow whatever team that drafts him to send him to their AHL affiliate with the potential to be called up to the NHL at anytime during his first season. I know this has all been discussed to him by his advisers now the ball is in his court.
Actually, it is entirely possible that if Seth Jones chooses the NCAA route, whichever NHL team drafts him can press for him to join a CHL team (if any, such as Everett, still has his rights) if that NHL team believes it is best for his development. In other words, Seth could be in the NCAA one year and then switch-over to the WHL/CHL. He would not be the first or last to do so. Also, NHL teams to frown upon 18YOs and 19YOs in the AHL. They prefer that players continue development elsewhere (i.e. college, CHL, BCHL, NAHL, USHL, etc.); it helps protect the interests of the players and the teams that drafted them. Pushing players into the pros too early can be detrimental to most players, potentially causing major development setbacks or, in some cases, prematurely ending potential pro careers. Most young players are not built for the rigors of the pros at 18YO or 19YO. I'm not saying that Seth will be that way, but that is a reality.

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Everett put on the fullcourt press to try and get him to come this season and he didn't come. They will surely try again this summer. I don't think money will be a factor, and no matter where this kid plays this coming year he will be a very very high pick in 2013.
As a full-time STH for the Everett Silvertips, who has heard our now-former GM discuss this situation on several occasions, I can assure you and everyone else reading this thread that your statement is not entirely correct. Yes, it is true that the Silvertips organization has made attempts to get Seth to join the roster. However, your comment about putting on "the fullcourt press to try and get him to come this season and he didn't come" is not correct. Seth has had a two-year commitment to the USNTDP program, which means if he had broken that contract/commitment at the beginning of this season (2011-12) to join the WHL/CHL there would have been a major financial penalty. We are talking tens of thousands $$$. This situation is not too much different than what the Silvertips experienced with Peter Mueller, years ago, after he played-out his stint with the USNTDP.

And I have seen some people make an assertion that just because Seth has visited UND but not Everett that must mean he will go the NCAA route. But that assertion is also not entirely true. I do not recall Mueller ever visiting Everett beforehand, either, and he still ultimately chose Everett over the NCAA route.

The fact is that potentially top-end players such as Seth Jones will do whatever they believe is best for their goals and development. I would love to see him here in Everett, and there are a lot of reasons why he should, but the decision is his to make and I totally respect that. Unlike a lot of players his age, at least he is weighing every option and thinking this through. That is something to be applauded. Wherever Seth ends up, he should be a lot of fun to watch playing hockey.

Anyway, that's my two cents on this subject.

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