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Originally Posted by thefifagod View Post
Your exact statement was "wins are the most important stat" and that's what I argued. It probably doesn't crack the top 10 in important stats for pitchers when you look at sabrmetrics. ERA, WHIP, QS, FIP, xFIP, WAR, WPA, RAR, ERA+ all are better indicators and that's off the top of my head, and 6 of those (ERA, WHIP, Quality Starts,WAR, ERA+, FIP) are all relatively mainstream now. I can explain how each of those are better if you want.
And I will stand by that every day of the week. But that's not my issue with Cain. He's an above average pitcher who doesn't have the stellar win-loss record you'd expect from that salary. He has great secondary stats. Secondary. Win-loss is always the ultimate stat. Pay him less. I'd pay that much for Wins. You're talking new school. I'm preaching old school.
Every manager who has ever been fired would prefer Wins over stats.

Simply put: would you rather have a team that wins or a team with great stats?

I truly do understand what you're saying. And why. I just disagree in this context that it matters for the SanFrancisco Giants and that contract. Hopefully you understand my position as well. This is a discussion that has been raging on in baseball for a decade+ now. You and I aren't going to solve it. Please don't talk down to me though("I can explain how each of those are better if you want.") We disagree and that's obvious. As I said before, we're both right and both wrong.

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