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04-03-2012, 03:51 PM
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I think GopherState also missed a very important part of the article.

Originally Posted by Mike Yeo
"This is the kind of culture that you want to cheer for. Guys that go out and keep fighting. That's the kind of people that you can win with. One very, very important thing for people to understand, I think this makes it a much more attractive place for free agents. When you know, 'OK, this is a team that was winning, they lose some players, now they get their best player back and they've started to win,' free agents will know that we're close, they'll know this group has character, that this was a group that kept fighting, and it's the kind of culture you can win with. So I can understand part of it. But it can also lure free agents. Its not all about the draft.
I think right there, Yeo just said we're going to go out and see if we can get a big fish in free agency. We're done playing around, we're serious now. In my opinion, him saying this was the highlight of the article. I think we actually have a shot at some big names now, and we aren't just looking to rebuild through the draft.

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