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Originally Posted by habitue View Post
Bevause you like maths and stats, try to explain me how come the habs are about mid-pack in the difference between goal for and against and are 29th in the standings...
We won a lot of blowouts compared to comparatively losing a lot of games by 1 goal.
Explain me how come St-Louis has 1 or 2 guys over 50 points 9 1, 20 goals scorer) and are in the top-three teams in the league ....
Because hockey is about outscoring your opponent, not just scoring goals. St Louis is a very good defensive team. This is actually the point that was being made just a few posts above.
Explain me how come Florida have less goals than Habs, more allowed goals, huge negative differential, 15 games OT/SO losses... and are 1st in their Division ....
Their division is relatively weak, and they won a lot of games by a goal while comparatively losing a lot by blowouts.

Those are easy questions, no need microstats to explain that.

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