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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Tough to say between MDZ and Hags for me.

Steps hit a reaaallll cold streak in his rookie year somewhere. Like 9darter says though, his first game is definitely the most memorable.

Hags has been fantastic and is on a 50 point pace over 82 games. However, I can't discount a 20 year old d-man putting up ~40 points. He and Gaborik were our offense that year, on a pretty subpar team. Hags has the benefit of playing with Brad Richards, too.
True Steps hit a cold streak, but on the other hand, Hags took nearly 1/4 of the season in the minors in order to be warm enough to play in the NHL, Stepan did it straight out of camp. If Stepan went down to the minors for 17 games during his cold streak and put up .75ppg while he was down there, does that make his season better?

IMO, it's a tough call between all 3, hence my post/poll. I'm inclined to say DZ because it's just simply a harder position to play and he did it at as a teenager. There hasn't been a Ranger rookie teenager since, at any position.

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