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11-18-2003, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by discostu
The point is, without any change, the next potential generation of teams may not be able to sustain 9 or 10 good players in their prime, if their market can't support it.
Well, why don't we let that actually happen until we decide that is what will happen. Colorado isn't exactly huge. Vancouver certainly can afford it. They can't count the money coming in fast enough. Give Ottawa fans the choice:

1) Leave the CBA the way it is, and maybe they can't afford to keep together a Champion, or

2) Give them a system where the team must be broken up.

Which do you think they would choose?

Take whatever definition you want of elite teams. If there isn't the means for every team to get to that level, then it is too high of a standard. I do not believe that all 30 teams could support the talent level that Colorado has, even if they were maximizing their local revenue streams (i.e. getting the highest ticket price that can be supported, getting the additional playoff rounds, etc.).
The standard is never too high. If the team can't meet it, they aren't an NHL market.

At least we know where you really stand now. No wonder you agree with the owner's position. You think the league would be better if the hockey teams were all mediocre. Three cheers for mediocrity! The best part under the Discostu scheme is that expansion becomes possible again, right? What's another few mediocre teams among friends? There aren't enough good players to sustain more teams but there is plenty of mediocre talent around. Why shouldn't more mediocre players get the chance, eh?

Hooray! Great idea.


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