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04-03-2012, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacks Johnson View Post
Hilarious.... no way Nash is captain next year... this is why prospal resigned with us (my guess), to be captain, and Nash saw writing on wall and wanted out.

Originally Posted by Jacks Johnson View Post
Guess i missed the behind the scenes episode where we were brought up to speed as to what actually transpired. I know many were quite shocked that Prospal resigned with us, and then we were made aware that Prospal would go to the management side once he does retire. Then we find out Nash wants traded, in his words to help the bluejackets rebuild faster :shake head. Just a theory, but maybe management, thru the wisdom of Patrick coming on board, realized this team would never go anywhere with Nash as captain. (A captain that clearly only brings it on certain nights, then other nights goes thru the motions. Maybe they realized he is the culture problem.
So you missed the 'behind the scenes' yet you have a rather involved theory of your own that you buy wholeheartedly?

This idea of yours is from deep, deep left field, IMO. Sounds like something out of a reality show more than actual reality.

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