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Originally Posted by BourqueBourqueBork View Post
Have you been to a playoff game here? It's nothing like the regular season. Trust me, it's not going to look anything like Saturday (or any regular season game vs. them) come playoff time. You say 97% of those tickets will be bought by DET-STL-CHI fans at their barns? The same can be said here. It will be a sea of gold in the playoffs.

And the last time we played the Wings up at the Joe, there were a lot of empty seats in the lower level. Which problem would you rather have...opposing fans in the seats, or a game with a lot of empty seats and no atmosphere?

We're the only ones with that problem? Pretty much every Sun Belt market has that "problem". Why? One, there are a ton of transplants with prior allegiances (see: Predwings), and two, it's usually a lot cheaper to go to the games here, and it's warmer in the winter time for a lot of the northern cities. It's like a mini-vacay for some of them.

No, I don't enjoy seeing THAT many Chicago or Detroit fans (or whomever else we play that travels well)...but at the same time, if they come away enjoying the experience (not just the game), then it is only a good thing for a city like Nashville.

The more people that come here and get to rid the stereotype that we are a boring backwards little country town, the better. I have no problem with people coming and spending money here and enjoying the city. In fact, I encourage that.
Yes i went to every playoff game here last year. All where amazing. The Ducks series the bridge looked like it is supposed to. The Canucks series had a little more blue/green than i would have liked to see but it was not even close to a CHI or DET game here.
Fans coming here will never get rid of the stereotype. They might be a certain way to your face but behind the scenes we will always be rednecks who are uneducated and do not deserve a hockey team. I like your attempt in trying to have a dream though.

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