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11-18-2003, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by shanwon
Lol wait, so in your reality...We have to pay what...1/2 or more of his contract just to get someone to take Jagr? Sure...that'll happen if you throw in some quality prospects or nhl ready players. You want $25 mill...and Jagr? You gotta give something up. That fact is Jagr has not been badmouthing anyone in the media. Yes he sulks, yes there is friction between he and the coach. A lot of that would be resolved if we didn't have the worst defense in the league and the team was winning.

If Ted pays $15mill, that makes Jagr an $8 mill a year player. He's more than worth that IMO. My god, he's still got talent. He hasn't lost that. Put him in a situation where he's not the savior, and the team isn't ripe with internal strife like the Caps are, and I think Jagr plays well again. Nobody pisses away that kind of $$ without getting something in return. As far as buying Jagr out...don't see that happening. Not that Ted might not try, I just don't think Jagr (if he's smart) would take a buyout. He'll never recoup the $$. Even Jagr who has "given up" according to you, still would be leading the Rangers in scoring. LOL

Then Washington can keep him. We can lose easy enough without him and his albatross of a contract and bad attitude.

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