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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post

Dude, my whole point is that some things can't be qualified. Not sure how that's a cop out. I think the analytics will improve over time but right now I don't think it's there yet.

As for cop-out... I'd say it's a cop out calling it 'bad luck' when a player consistently doesn't do what you predicted he would.
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Are you seriously saying that you honestly believe that a single player can singlehandedly make a Cup contender of an otherwise non-playoff team? Do you have any idea how much such a player would be worth?
No. Wasn't saying that at all.
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Was Halak such a player, or was that a fluke but Pronger wasn't?
Pronger makes a huge difference to any team. He's proven it time and again. And he becomes MORE effective in the playoffs for the simple reason that the postseason allows a lot more rough stuff than the regular season.

As for Halak, I'm not sure what you're asking me here. If you're asking me if he's the prime reason why we made it as far as we did, I'd say absolutely. If you're asking me if I expect him to do this every year, I'd say no chance.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Seriously, you do realize that the playoffs are a small sample and that a player or team can get hot on small samples, right? Pronger is a very good player, but he's not that intrinsic to his team's success. If he were, the Flyers would have crashed by now. Pronger isn't why Pisani scored 14 goals in 24 games, or why Roloson goaled at .927 (and if he were why were, why wasn't he able to do the same thing for Markkanen)?
I think the Oilers don't make the playoffs without Pronger much less the final. Never said he did it by himself (any more than I said Halak did) but there's no doubt that the club goes nowwhere without him.

And he also just happenend to be on clubs that appeared in the finals with Anaheim and Philadelphia in short order. No man... that's not a fluke.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
If it were me, I'd wonder why the Sens were so infamously plagued by bad goaltending during all the years they had Chara in.
Simple, their goalies flat out sucked. Let in all kinds of dumb goals and Belfour didn't. Jacques Martin also made mind blowingly dumb decisions with who he had on the ice at key moments but that's another story...

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