Thread: Post-Game Talk: Leafs @ Sabres | Leafs lose 6-5
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04-03-2012, 11:13 PM
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I dont understand, I would MUCH MUCH rather see toronto in the playoffs then washington, (im a sabres fan) and people seem mad that they weren't able to spoil them totally, Do leaf fans really like the capitals more than the sabres? I mean you really pretty much killed us by beating us the first game, and steven stamkos gave us a chance, and the win tonight gave us even more of a chance, but still we need to beat philly and boston and hope for washing to lose to either florida or the rangers, so it's not looking great anyways, It would have been loking great if we beat the leafs in toronto, cause we'd control our destiny, but I dont get why toronto hates buffalo so bad? I love toronto, the leafs are my second favorite team and people from buffalo are WAY bigger hockey fans than people from washington, and I'd think toronto fans would appreciate that.

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