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04-03-2012, 10:17 PM
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how many contracts do we have opening up as of this moment for next year? Enough to stay flexible for potential trades (getting more players than we give), mid-season FA signings (in case we run into long term injury problems and want to pick up a John Madden type) or college FAs?

this isn't simply a "Greedy owner not willing to spend to the cap" issue.

edit: well now that you mention it there were many jokes thrown Lats way but it's nothing Montreal didn't joke about either. Or his teammates. Who knows--Lats is a funny guy. Maybe he mocked Russo once in front of everyone and hurt his feelings? I still didn't really pick up on any maliciousness but it could have been there. I have less regard for Russo than most people but he doesn't strike me as that kind of guy with players still on the team he's covering.

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