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02-27-2006, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by xander
He's not a New Yorker in the sense that he's not from the city, but how many hockey players have ever come out of New York City proper?
When you look at the area around the city I think you have to include everything within an hour and a half to two hour radius (pretty much anywhere that you can find comuter rail into the city), because the economies of all those suberbs are so strongly tied to the city. Those towns exist (or atleast exist in they're current affluence) because of the money brought into the local economy by daily commuters who live there but make they're living in New York City. The suburbs are not the city but they live off city money and they have a New York mindset (and, of course, they root for New York City teams.) Thus I would consider Hugh a New Yorker in the sense that he was brought up in the shadow (and under the cultural pull) of the city.
Nick Fotiu, Joe and Pat Mullen, and I believe Matthieu Schneider was also born here.

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