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04-03-2012, 10:22 PM
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The Best -

- Being there. This ranks right up there with the 4-2 comeback game when Briere scored to win it back in '07, perhaps even more so.
- Foligno. I loved that Komi call him and a-hole right before the draw and then they had the run in the corner, followed by Marcus taking it to the net. He set the tone early, showed up like this game mattered and he was playing like it throughout. It seemed some of the vets didn't know how to follow his lead, but lead he did. Big hits, strong play in both directions, a fight that got the crowd rocking... just awesome.

The Good -

- Finding a way to win.
- Dyson with two important goals? Holy crap.
- Alka Sulzer with redemption.
- McNabb and Tropp being energetic and playing like it matter (along with Foligno) early, rather than going through the motions like a lot of the vets early.
- The ref who got into the crease to see the puck.
- Regehr on Kessel later in the game. He took away time and space and most importantly the puck repeatedly.
- Miller had some huge saves early. This could've been a blow out for the Leafs at the end of 1.

The Bad -

- Worst period by Rej since he sat himself. Major stinko.
- Sulzer had some defensive gaffs. Thankfully he recovered.
- Miller on the Frattin goal. Really Ryan... that ***** got to be stopped.
- I thought Gerbe stunk tonight. He was ineffective and just accomplished nothing, even in the extra shifts he got away from McCormick/Kaleta.

The Ugly -

- The d-zone play without Myers and Ehrhoff is rough. They don't transition well. Thankfully, the FES and LRP lines provided enough pressure on their own via forecheck most shifts to make up for it.
- Can't keep playing this way and expect to win.

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