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02-27-2006, 04:22 PM
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Gap is key for a defenseman, it's really the most important and most difficult part of the game. Generally at the blueline, you want a little less than stick length away. As he gets closer to the net, the gap should shorten. Always try and have inside positioning like technopile said. A good way to set-up is shoulder to should, so your outside shoulder, is his inside shoulder (your always a step to the middle). If you get beat, remember where the player will be going. Don't chase him, skate to the post of the side he is on because thats where he'll want to be.

As for when to be aggressive, you should look for these 3 things. If you have any of these, it becomes an attack situation (go after him) if not, it's generally a contain.

1) You have support (ie 1 on 2 or 1 on 3)
2) He doesn't have full control of the puck (recieving a pass, losses the handle)
3) He turns his back on you
4) He is in a dangerous scoring position (man infront of the net open, etc)

Other than this, it's generally a contain situation where you play it like a one on one, keep him away from the net, limit his options and this should force him to make a mistake. Always keep your feet moving and try to read the play and see your oppositions traits.

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