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04-04-2012, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Turianel View Post
In any case, losing is never a good solution. Tanking playing talent wise is not a sure winning solution. Team that alway are at the top and are rarely "tanking" players by losing... (detroit, NJ, Philly, Boston, etc.)

Montreal need a winning culture. Players that will come here (drafting, trading, free agent) will know that they're alway be able to win! Winning mean good contract, means that they are heros, not just a celebrity! We need 20 players who want to win and have enough talent to do so (not all the talent in the world, just enough(was... or detroit... on 10 years ranking). Drafting is important, but it doesn't bring a winning culture...

In my opinion, G. Molson will be looking for winners at DG and Coatching level and will ask only for winning. If somebody like P. Roy is choisen, they will never accept losing. Next season must be better. So it will!

Bad year append, but never plan them. Tanking when bad year come, yes... But please, never plan to get them! Never... Worst strategy in everything: life, business, sport, name it...
Detroit and NJ lost for years before becoming winners. If you're going to examine those clubs you have to look at how they became winners in the first place. You can't just look at them now and say... 'lets be like them now.' You need a roadmap to get there. They did it via the draft. That's what we should do.

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