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Clarino definately is the best palm I've used thus far... good feel, good durability and if well taken care of, doesn't present a bad odour
drying your gear is the most important part of increasing the life of your gear and after every game I hang mine and put it directly over the register (skates, elbow pads, shin pads)

for me these methods and items have helped:

gloves - I don't have terribly sweaty hands, and I just spray it with deodourizor and dry them over a vent. I do find my R8 w/ the ballistik nylon to dry faster, and will probably by gloves in the future made of the same material

I don't wear shoulder pads

I don't wear undershirt - I find less sweat induced and just a loose jersy drys quickly when you're skating

Elbow pads, again sprayed with deodourizer and right over the register

Pants - after every 2-3 games I will wash the tailbone protector and hip protector with some hand soap in the sink and dry over a vent

Socks? - Edge socks FTW, hang to dry just like the jersey
dries in minutes.... I think alot of people think they can just throw their knit socks in the bag and not bother taking them out... but wow, I think those end up smelling the worst, as it is just a environment that can harbour and promote bacteria growth

Shin pads? I dry over the vent, and after every 15 games or so, I'll throw the removable liner in the wash (so shin pads with removable liners have their merit)

Skates, again, pull out the insole and put upside down over vent

sounds neruotic, but I never smell and it takes just minutes

if it does start to smell, I will wash some of my gear in the dish washer, where there is no agitator and hang dry

but I have found those ozone based sani-cleans to work pretty well too (especially for things like skates and gloves where you don't want to expose to water)

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