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Originally Posted by ThunderRoad View Post
Really glad Roloson had a terrific performance in his last start at the Forum and the Roli chant at the end was a fitting salute. When Roloson mentioned he hoped to be active in the game next season, even if it meant in coaching, I could only hope that there might be a spot in Tampa for him in that capacity.
Apparently they showed the 3 stars and the on-ice interviews during the broadcast; I may have been able to see the whole game on TSN2 but missed it anyways (partly b/c I didn't want to jinx Roli or the team, b/c they always seem to lose when I do see them in a TSN2 game, but still!). If anyone has any YT or other video clips of the 3 stars and Roli's interview, and can post them here, that would be sweet; please and thank you in advance! BTW, speaking of TSN, his save on Green was their Highlight of the Night last (Monday) night!

I really hope that Roli's strong play of late will help show other prospective teams and GMs that all his struggles this season truly haven't been simply a matter of him being "old" or having nothing left in the tank or whatever. I'm so glad he's been given these opportunities the last couple weeks or so to prove that he can still play, and still play well, and that he's been able to do exactly that! So I really hope he will be able to get another contract as a backup next year. It's been so inspiring and encouraging to me anyways, that he not only never gave up on the season, the team or himself, at any point this season, but made it clear that he still has the drive and desire to keep playing next year, despite all the struggles and adversity he's faced this year. Not that I'm surprised in the least though, especially considering he went through the exact same thing 4 years ago. I have no doubt that he'd be at least three years into retirement (well, in April I guess, but still! ) by now, if he'd at any time felt sorry for himself, gave up on himself or the team, and never showed that willingness to work hard and persevere through adversity that he has both then and this year. I really hope propsective teams and GMs will recognize and appreciate those and other off-ice qualities he contributes to the team, rather than just consider his crappy stats. No matter where he ends up though, I know he'll do awesome and I'd be very surprised if he wasn't still involved in the NHL in some capacity. I really hope he will be able to get a job in some capacity within the TB org. He's made it clear that he's loved being there from day 1, and despite his struggles his teammates and coaches have made it clear that they think the world of him and respect and value him for what he's brought to the team...not just during the playoffs last year, and for many other reasons entirely independent of his play.

Hopefully he hasn't made his last start, including w/you guys, but since they obviously have 3 games left I'm sure he'll get at least one more game and hopefully two. I'm so glad though that he was able to play his 600th game this year, and that it was an awesome one for him, and especially that he's obviously been able to take advantage of more playing time w/some great games.

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