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04-04-2012, 01:04 AM
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Went ahead and typed it out. Don't flame me too badly.

First off...

Our organization doesn't have the stones to make any of this happen, so don't count on it, this is just what I want. *Even if we clean ship, I doubt a full scale rebuild like this goes down. *So don't go after me too hard.

Let Souray, Petersen, and Burish walk, or try and trade their rights for anything at all. *Just get them out of the organization, I really don't care how.

Dvorak can stay as long as his contract stays below 2 million per.

Resign all of the RFAs. *They all deserve to stay with the team, and have bright futures. *Larsen, Fistric, Bachman, etc. *no problem with any of them, as long as their contracts are reasonable.

Now, for the part that turns into a pipe dream.

Go ahead and flame me, but I'd love to see this happen:

Colin Wilson
Jonathan Blum

Mike Ribeiro
2012 1st Round Pick
Sheldon Souray (UFA Rights) OR*Troy Vance

We get a young center that can replace Ribs immediately and is only going to get better. *While he may never put up >70 points, he'll be a top 6 center and, with Benn, give us a solid 1-2 punch down the middle.

Blum gives us our 4th true top 4 D-man, and makes Robidas expendable. *I think a Goligoski - Blum pairing could be just what we need, and he's young and still brimming with potential.

Acquiring Wilson fills the hole at center, and Blum gives us great D depth for years to come. *Losing the 1st stings, but it's worth two young players like these.

Souray's rights or Vance are pretty much worth nothing to us right now. *Doubt Vance ever cracks the NHL, and Souray could be a good depth D-man for Nashville to help give them an even stronger PP.

Magnus Paajarvi

Brenden Morrow

Here, you could really put in any team willing to give up a good young forward prospect for Morrow, I just chose Edmonton as I think they could use the leadership and grittiness Morrow would provide. *But any team works here, and I'd take a mid 1st as well. *Washington would also be a good destination for him as well, and they've got the pieces we should ask for.

2012 2nd Round Pick

To Anyone:
Steve Ott

Please get Ott off of this team. *He's a detriment, won't ever shut up, and his penalties are getting out of hand. *I'm sick of it, and his spot can easily be filled from within.

As for the draft -*

I'd like to see us package a couple of our 2nd's together, along with a 3rd or whatever else needs to be added and move back into the first round. *If he falls to us or we get high enough, draft Girgensons. *If not, draft Hertl. *Both are big young center prospects who can fill that hole in our prospect pool, and could eventually push Wilson to sing and take the #2 C spot. *

From then on in the draft, I really don't care. *Draft a D-man in the 2nd round, and just look for anyone that falls. *We do need to pick up a goalie in the later rounds, though.

Am I forgetting to get rid of someone? *You bet I am. *Robidas. *To be completely honest, I would just buy him out or bury him in the minors. *We've got the assets to do that now, just not the balls. *Or, if you can get any kind of pick for him, take it. *Pardy can go with him, too.

Finally, with all that cap space cleared up, resign all the RFAs and Benn to whatever he wants. *After that, throw ~8.25 million at Parise. *I think if we want any chance at him coming to Dallas, we'd have to convince him that we'll be contenders in a couple of years and toss some major coin his way. *I'd love Suter as well, I just don't see him as very likely to sign here, and there's always the worry that he's playing over his head with Weber.

So, here's our lineup with Parise:

Parise - Benn - Ryder
Eriksson - Wilson - Smith/Chiasson
Dvorak/FA - Fiddler - Vincour
Nystrom/Sceviour - Wandell - Garbutt

And without:

Eriksson - Benn - Smith/Chiasson
MPS/(Whoever we get for Morrow) - Wilson - Ryder
Dvorak/FA - Fiddler - Vincour
Nystrom/Sceviour - Wandell - Garbutt

The 3rd and 4th lines can be juggled around, but those are the personnel I'd like to see.

Defense will look something like this:

Blum - Goligoski
Fistric - Larsen
Daley - Dillon

And our goaltenders stay the same.

EDIT - No idea where the random asterisks came from, just ignore them.

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