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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
The following people screwed up.
1) Jerry Colangelo and the powers-that-be that built America West Arena without an NHL configuration, even though it could be done and Phoenix was on a very short list for expansion or future relocation.
2) Steven Gluckstern and Richard Burke, who bought the team and put it into AWA anyway. The NHL configuration wiped out a good chunk of the lower bowl and made it so that 1/3 of the upper bowl couldn't see one net. For the sake of comparison, visualize Nationwide. Now imagine sections 219 and 201, plus 220-228, all unable to see the net nearest them at all. Now imagine that 2/3 of sections 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, and 101 were completely wiped out to accommodate the ice. Now also imagine that the seats in 101 and 117 would be angled in such a way that you'd have to crane your neck directly to the right and down to see that net.
3) Steve Ellman, for buying the team and bringing Wayne Gretzky on board. Those who think that Gretzky should be in any way involved with NHL operations need only look at the ineptitude of how he handled one single team. Great player, but if you put him in charge of Alaska, they'd run out of ice in a month.
4) Jerry Moyes, for buying the team and then handing them over to the NHL. He then violated part of the agreement that said that he couldn't take the team into bankruptcy, and did exactly that. This was where that bald midget Jim Balsillie got involved; he was behind the scenes telling Moyes that if he took the team into bankruptcy, he'd buy them out (covering Moyes' costs) and move the team to Hamilton.
5) The City of Glendale, which built Arena and had no rhyme or reason to how they handled any part of that before, during, or after construction. If they were put in charge of SETI, they'd be broadcasting messages advertising a docile population, many resources, and loose women for alien overlords.
6) The Canadian media. Because **** them, that's why.

No, fan support in Phoenix has never really been an issue. They had great attendance in AWA, all things considered (like missing half of the game based on sightlines). They had great attendance in Glendale, until Moyes/Balsillie decided that "legal contracts" didn't mean anything. That's par for the course for Balsillie, who if he were put in charge of the US Patent and Trademark Office, would actively encourage and fund piracy.
Just reading this in the morning, you should have saved some of those for another time! I know ya' got a million of'm, but those are too good to just throw away!

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