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04-04-2012, 08:20 AM
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Some ?'s answered this morning

On Nashville radio this morning Trotz was asked several ?'s that have been up in the air on the board.

1. Trotz was asked what the chances are that Radulov is in a Preds Jersey next year. He said his gut feeling as a coach watching a young man that it is an extremely good chance that he is in a Preds jersey next year. He went on to say that he believes that he really fits in well will the guys on the team and that he has completed what he wanted to do in the KHL.

2. Trotz was asked what Colin Wilson has done or not done to not be in the lineup.
He said Colin Wilson is a very gifted player who is of the offensive mind. He said that Wilson has not played with the details of the game that he wants from him and freelances way to much. He went onto say that Wilson had not played well in the last 10 games he played before being hurt and that he was playing on borrowed time before the trade deadline because they did not have anyone else to take his spot. Said after the trade deadline and Radulovs return that they have a someone.

4. Trotz was asked about the lineups for the playoffs and who will be playing.
He said the top 9 forwards are set and Goose will be the center on the 4th line. He said the battles will be on the two wing positions and will be determined between (Toots, Yip, Smith, Halischuck) He went on to compliment Yip and how he is also able to use him on the penalty kill.

5. He was asked about the fight between the Pitt and Phi the other day. He said he did not have a problem with it and that if another player came at Peks during a t.v. timeout like in that situation he would expect the whole bench to empty and take care of business. He also went onto to say he expects his guys to stick up for each other and never let a player be outnumbered on the ice.

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