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04-04-2012, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by benji View Post
I'm not trying to start a ****-storm here, but I think this is a unique landscape at the top of the draft this year. Since the Habs are at the bottom hopefully only for this season, and the Oilers' rebuild stalling a little bit this year (I know injuries were big), is there any possibility of making my dream of the Habs acquiring Edmonton's 1st pick without giving up their own?

Again, don't explode on me, it's terribly hard to put a value on very high first round picks, which is why most GM's usually just end up keeping them. That being said, I'll try a will seem extreme, and that's probably because it is. In this proposal, I'm implying that the Oilers would want immediate star help on the blueline, offensive talent to replace what is lost with this draft pick, as well as a later pick to compensate. Also, salary relief going either way to even things out. What about something along the lines of:

To Montreal:

Edmonton's 2012 1st rouder
Shawn Horcoff
Eric Belanger

To Edmonton:

Andrei Markov
Tomas Plekanec
2012 2nd rounder

From a Hab point of view, while it would hurt to see Markov and Plekanec go, Montreal is in a mini-rebuild, and they could really speed that up by getting two top 5 picks this year (you never know, ok!). It gives Edmonon immediate veteran talent, with Plekanec in his prime as a top two-way player in the league. Markov, while still a question mark with the knee, having only played a dozen games since coming back, still has to be considered one the the premier power-play players in the game, not to mention one of it's best overall defencemen over the past decade. I really think that with this type of added veteran presence and talent (Plekanec is a large upgrade on Horcoff), and with one more Ryan Smyth-like forward, the Oilers could approach contendership as soon as next season.

Ok, I'm done. Flame away.
Nope. There's a very limited number of players I would consider trading our 1st for, and Markov and/or Plekanec don't fit the bill.

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