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02-27-2006, 07:13 PM
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There are a couple of positioning tips I can offer that seem small but they will make a big difference. When playing a guy coming into your zone try and line up your outside shoulder with his inside shoulder. I don't know how skilled the players are in your league but if it's a rec league of any kind most if not all the guys you play like that will take the puck around you to the outside because you gave that to them. Now most of your guesswork is all gone, you know where they are going and your options have been brought to just a few. Sweep check, angle him into the boards, hip check (if you can check) and also if you get beat you at least make him take the long way around and give up the worst shot you can. Also, for 2 on 1's take a guy and keep him don't switch back and forth. Let the goalie concentrate on one guy and don't make him go back and forth. A good forward will try and move towards the boards to suck you over to give his other forward more room, but just stay where you are if he moves over by the boards he's taking himself out of the play and doing your work for you. One other tip I always give my kids is when you're on the the game. You can learn so much when you're on the bench. Watch the guys on the other team and pick up little things they do. Just like in life, Knowledge is Power!! Good Luck.

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