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04-04-2012, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Vashanesh View Post
We will have 3 30 goal scorers, one 40 goal scorer, and 1/3 of them will NOT be Heater, Lats or Seto. (my bolder prediction is Clutterbuck getting 30)

Heater and Butch click like a Logitech mouse, but Koivu and Heater don't work. Lats - Koivu - Seto becomes our "1st" line, with Butch - Brodz - Heater being our "2nd" line. Cullen never sniffs the top-6.

Zidlicky stays largely healthy and regains his ability to shoot on the PP and finishes top-5 in PP goals from defensemen.

Backstrom gets hurt early in the year, and fights nagging injury for most of the season. Harding comes in and starts 50+ games, finishing with a sub 2.5 GAA and a 91%+ save percentage. Proving finally that he can stay healthy AND handle a starting load. 2 years from now, signing him for this season instead of pursuing another FA goalie becomes a killer move. And Backstrom walks to free agency due to some goofy-ness with his his contract's NTC or NMC (I don't remember which he has...)

One of: Prosser, Genoway or Falk make the team out of camp - even AFTER we sign a FA defensemen (during training camp, due to an injury) - and play 75+ games with the big club. I've got my money on Genoway becoming a respectable 5/6 guy who gets PP time, personally. But I'm leaving it open.

We will make the 8th seed, on the strength of trading our 1st rounder for a defensemen at the deadline.

Ugh, all this pontificating is exhausting. I also realized I don't have a single negative prediction... That's far too telling... I'm too hopeful damnit!
Wow... I was higher than a kite on the kool-aid.

The only piece that was close is Harding's peripherals (.916/2.68 where I predicted .91+ and sub 2.5).

Prosser AND Falk played plenty of games, neither 75+, but both were good in their own way.

Other than that... the only thing I was right about was how hopeful I was.

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