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04-04-2012, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
The Pens are:

37-19-4 with Crosby out of the lineup and
12-6-2 with Crosby in the lineup

Which is roughly the same (multiply by 3 and it's 36-18-6)

Ridiculous statement in any event. If we had Staal healthy out of camp and Sauer healthy maybe we would've ended up with an even better record.
So, you think that the Penguins are just as good without the best player in the world, the guy who has a 1.7 PPG average, significantly higher than the 2nd best PPG average in the league (Malkin, 1.44), as they are with him?

No doubt, the Rangers could have been even better with Staal and Sauer. But the Penguins are going to finish just behind the Rangers with just 22 games of Crosby, who also missed training camp, and is now spending time playing with some wingers who are new to the team this season. The records you just gave don't take into account any of a number of variables, either (strength of schedule, point in the season when Crosby started playing, etc). BTW, the Pens were without Letang for nearly as long as the Rangers were without Staal this season.

No disrespect, but I think anyone that can't admit that the Penguins are the strongest team in the East, if not the entire league, is nuts. That doesn't mean they can't be beaten in a playoff series, but not only do I think they would have won the Atlantic Division with a healthy Crosby, (and thus the Eastern Conference), but I think they would have done it by a healthy margin. Then again, I think they would have won the Stanley Cup last year if they were healthy, too. They have two of the three best players in the sport, a ton of depth at every position, particularly the most important position, and an above average goaltender. If Crosby can stay relatively healthy, they should be in for a San Antonio Spurs-like dynasty. They should win 2-3 Cups in the next 4-6 years.

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