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Originally Posted by izzy3 View Post
If you don't have much space try to move that puck around (passing) instead just carrying it. I agree that smaller rinks make you a better player cause you do not have much time to decide what to do.

My tips:
- try not to think much, play instinctively
- it is usually better to pass backwards in the offensive zone, creates space and open shooting lanes
- try to learn stickhandling head up, opens up a new dimension to your play
yea definitely agree in regards to passing. i have to learn to handle the puck under pressure though, and 4 on 4 pick up games are great because their is no consequences. most of the time ill pass, but every now and then i want to try to beat the guy in front of me.

as for the guy who asked about wheels, i just recently bought labeda shooters for outdoor use and they are a lot better than the soft indoor wheels. so id say splash some cash if you are going to be predominately outdoors.

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