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Originally Posted by Hfbk2006
Here're Rangers picks in the first round for 16 years between 1987 and 2001. I am not looking at more recent picks because we can't be sure about how prospects will turn out in a few years.

Only 2 players, Kovalev and Cloutier, are key players. Everyone else is either nothing or an easily replacable players.

Everyone is having seizures over the prospect of giving up a #1 pick somewhere in the 20's. But odds are, the pick will turn into nothing.

1987: Jayson More, top 10 pick, - Below average NHLer.

1988: No first rounder, but had first overall in the second round which was #22. Drafted Troy Mallette. Below average NHLer. Also drafted Murray Duval at #26 who never played a game in the NHL.

1989: Steven Rice. Borderline NHLer.

1990: Michael Stewart. Never played a game in the NHL.

1991: Kovalev. I'd classify him as a solid second liner. Averaged 27 goals and 37 assists per 80 games in his career. We can count him as a key player on a team. That's 1.

1992: Peter Feraro. Never made it as a regular NHLer.

1993: Sundstrom. Top 10 pick. Third liner. Had one 20+ goal season, almost a decade ago.

1994: Cloutier. Solid starting goalie. Another key player. That's 2.

1995: No first rounders (traded for Pat Verbeek). Dube was the first player NYR drafted at #39, and he never made it.

1996: Jeff Brown. Touted as a sure-fire, safe pick who will never be a star, but will be a #3-4 dman. Unfortunately, not only did he fail to become a star, he failed to play a single NHL game. All picks in 1996 were useless.

1997: Cherneski. Injured, retired. Had promise, but you can't say that he would be a key player until he actually made it.

1998: Malhotra. Top 10 pick. Maybe a third liner, maybe not even.

1999: Lundmark and Brendl, both top 10 picks. The Rangers actually gave up Marc Savard to get Lundmark (they also gave up a first rounder and got Hlavac).

2000: No first round pick (gave that up for Lundmark). Filip Novak was the first pick at 64 and he failed to make it.

2001: Top-10 Blackburn. Injured, retired. Had promise, but you can't say that he would be a key player until he actually became a starter.

2002: No first rounders. Lee Falardeau first pick at #33. I don't expect that he'll make the NHL and if he will, he'll be a marginal player.

all you did was prove that the Rangers management drafted poorly..

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