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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
Dropping the hand is the key for both your reasons but also because you are performing a hand/eye movement. You are also moving your hand closer to your target and it will improve your reaction time just that split second that you may be lacking in making clean contact. It is much easier to catch a ball with your hands than with a net on a pole for instance. Get your hands closer to your target.

It is also important to keep your chest square with the puck that is coming at you so that you are hitting a puck that is "coming at you" instead of one that is "coming by you". I hope that makes sense.

Many guys who are waiting for a pass are bent at the waist with their chest pointing towards the ice. That position also keeps your head pointing down. The farther down you move your bottom hand down your stick the worse this gets. Try squaring up to the puck and bend your knees. This will bring your chest and head up and allow you to hit the puck coming at you instead of waving at a puck coming beneath you on its way between your skates.

Last thing is to move your feet. Don't just try and work with the pass wherever it happens to come to you. Move to try and always get the puck to the same area (coming at the toe of your front foot) so you are making the same shot over and over.

Practice by doing each piece seperately and then add them all together. Have someone pass you pucks and move so they hit the toe of your front skate everytime. Then move and bend at the knees. When those are easy then try snapping shots.
I agree completely, unfortunately I'm better at showing people than writing out what I want to say. You put into words pretty well the thoughts I have on it.

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