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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
I don't see this "Keith woke us up" talk at all...

We were badly outshot in the Chicago game.. eeked out a 2-1 win the following game against Dallas, then went on to be outshot significantly in the next 3 games... it was only the last Dallas game, a 5-2 win, where this team looked like they were in control at all... and then barely won in OT against a bad Calgary team the next game.

I think our goaltending (particularly Schneider) has carried the team more than anything... the team overall has still looked lethargic for the most part - outside a couple periods during that 7 game stretch (one of which was the 3rd period last night)... but the team overall has still been very inconsistent offensively and making tons of mistakes defensively... just look at last night as a prime example of too many bad defensive mistakes which could have cost us the game (if not for Schneider bailing us out - again!).

If that's waking up, then we're doomed in the playoffs... we've won 7 in a row while being offensively inconsistent, defensively horrendous, and really only goaltending carrying this team. This *team* (ie. not just goaltending) will have to be significantly better to get anywhere in the playoffs... we're not likely to have a 7-game series in the playoffs, where the level of play against that opponent will be at the same level as we've seen in these past 7 games - where 6 of them were against teams that are likely to be out of the playoffs.. and we got outshot badly in several of those games.
Wow, a terribly negative and misinformed post. Would you rather the Canucks were outshooting their opponents and losing consistently or vice versa? Remember the days when the Canucks made every goalie in the NHL look like Vezina candidates? You can have it.

While the Canucks, at times, have given up a lot of shots, the scoring chances have been limited. For instance, during the Kings game the team gave up 38 shots, but save the last few moments the Kings were held to the outside almost all game. Was their victory a work of art? No. Does that matter? No.

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