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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Hahaha, that's great.

I think Hartnell has been watching Jagr and Giroux enter the zone too much. He tried to make like them at some point, skated into 4 Rangers, and was immediately laid out.
yea i was thinking the same

Originally Posted by Vikke View Post
Sure, Jags hasn't been scoring a lot of goals. And while I do believe he's trying a bit too hard to enter the zone on his own some times, there aren't many players in the world that can shield the puck and hold on to it and sustain pressure pretty much on his own. He's also setting up a lot of plays. Obviously I'd like him to score more, but he's doing enough offensively, and defensively too for that matter, to escape blame I'd say.
if you ask me he was great last x games except the last one at rangers, each match he had and produced at least 3 - 4very good scoring chances, where they just weren't burried.
I m just hoping he will break it in playoffs where it actually will matter the most

also 2nd pp has no chemistry, they need work on that

Originally Posted by nitroglycerin View Post
and unnecessary late 4min minor penalty that resulted 5:3 pp and a goal did the trick. This is what most people say.

Speaking of Jagr.. He has 6 goals in almost 30 games.

Ha... whatever works.
ok for the last time, he was trying to stop the guy from scoring, to lift his stick yes it was 0.5 after guy scored, but kubina was chasing guy from behind, prolly didnt even see puck in the net too.
And i believe if you played any sport you would know what happend there. it wasnt unnecesarry penalty... it just happend stick slipped to face like it never happens, right... right?

2nd time stop just arguing with me everytime, i just got infraction because of you taunting me with comrade and other *****.
I ll just ignore your thoughtful posts you ignore mine.

Ppl claim it wasn't his goal? ok i took time and browed thro this topic, guess what? ppl yelling Carle - Kubina are so bad after that goal..
Carle wasn't even there and it was Bourdon and it wasn't Kubinas guy...
so yeah.
what more Kubina is most likely playing hurt and again most likely just becuase Grossmann is out too.
Im not defending him just because he is czech, but im tired of you and ppl here who pick one guy and keep bashing him whole game even they weren't actual ones doing a mistake sooo annoying.

had to look again on first goal which is obviously on Kubina, had to laugh, so Kubina is responsible for covering all the players or?..
i just give up some ppl just need someone to bash, hf

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