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04-04-2012, 03:01 PM
Cyclones Rock
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I think some basic and clearly stated definitions would help many of us start to try and get a handle on some of these mico stats.

For starters, a relatively precise definition of "puck possession", I would think, would be essential as this concept seems to be a cornerstone of micro stats.

A little primer on Corsi wouldn't hurt either. This seems to be the most favored analytical model of micro stats enthusiasts. I've been able to find a few articles on Corsi. But, it would be useful to get a basic definition of it and the reasons it is believed so powerful from those who find Corsi to be superior to traditional stats.

The reality is-as with any new product which seeks to replace a long used traditional product-that the new product is not going to be accepted until it is properly sold. Endorsement by a few statisticians and analysts isn't going to get the new product accepted. It's understood (by me, anyway) that a basic understanding of statistics (means, regression, standard deviations, etc.) is required to understand the metrics.

Corsi et al. shouldn't be too hard to sell if it is a much better tool than traditional stats. Not too many are going to hold on to their 8 tracks when they can use CDs.

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