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04-04-2012, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by pitseleh View Post

Basically the Canucks are playing a Nashville-esque game once they have a lead. They're playing the same style they did last year when the score is tied or when they're behind, controlling the play and dominating the shot count. Once they're ahead by a goal though, they're shutting things down. They're cutting back on their own scoring chances more than they're cutting down the other teams, but given that another goal is worth a lot more to the other team, they're arguably coming out ahead by reducing the total number of chances either team gets.
I don't see how this is a positive at all? Is it not concerning that we're basically trading quality chances with some of the weaker competition in the conference in recent games?

Watching the games, it's becoming frustrating seeing the number of quality chances the team seems to be giving up.. And when your goalie isn't there to bail you out, we see the effect of that - like we saw last night. The Anaheim goals last night were all a result of weak coverage in our own zone (Gragnani the victim of that on multiple occasions).

And again, as mentioned in the post above, it seems to be concerning for AV as well, given the constant line shuffles both up front and on defense (even before Bieksa's and Daniel's injuries). Clearly the team isn't playing as he wants them to.

Going into the playoffs, it's very concerning to me that we're still seeing the lines changed constantly, players being benched and an overall lack of chemistry throughout the lineup outside the 3rd line (the only line that has remained intact through the past 10 or so games).

I just don't see the positive in trading quality scoring chances against some of the weakest teams in the conference. Don't see the positive in the constant line changes to find some chemistry with a week to go before the playoffs. This team to me has issues they need to resolve going into the playoffs. Their level of play - in front of their goal - has been concerning to me for a team we're hoping is good enough to win 4 rounds in the playoffs.

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