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Originally Posted by Samkow View Post
Teams Columbus fans should hope bow out early in order to receive a better draft pick:

Los Angeles (been discussed to death)
Ottawa (2nd Round pick acquired in the Vermette trade)
Vancouver (4th Round pick acquired in the Pahlsson trade)

Teams Columbus fans should hope bow out early out of principle:

Florida (Can you imagine how smug Portzline will be in Dineen goes far in the playoffs. The DMC will be off the charts)
Philadelphia (Voracek seems to love taking shots at the Columbus fans. **** him. It's a shame because I really like this team otherwise)
Buffalo (Bob won't shut up)
St. Louis (Yeah, I know the team sucks, country club atmosphere, LTL, tr00ness, etc., but does anyone feel like the Hitch we got and the Hitch we're seeing are different coaches? We've questioned just about everyone's effort at one time or another, so I'll go out and ask it. Did Hitch quit on the team? I'm not sure the difference in talent level is enough to explain the difference in results. McConnell should ask for his money back.)
Nashville (Because whenever Viqsi starts the Nashville love-in, you can always counter their praises with "they've won 1 playoff series." Tends to curb their enthusiasm.)
huh? You mean the thing he said at the Flyer's Wives thing? or more?

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