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04-04-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by BruinsNeedaRussian View Post
Not sure if you're sarcastic, but if not, good on you. I doubt many others feel the same way as you do. It's always "you agitator/ player who made us mad should fight our toughest player" Then you have some Bruins fans who think their agitators shouldn't have to fight anyone.

Gotta love how Edwards brings size into this, but he doesn't seem to give credit to smaller players who fight bigger Bruins players.

And on a last note. To call Neal a 40 goal scorer isn't correct. He's done it once. Is Brian Gionta a 40 goal scorer ? Nope.

Ference seems to be the only Bruin who gets stuck fighting people not in his weight class, or just a better fighter overall.

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