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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
He didn't listen to what his superiors wanted him to do. He basically has played his style of play when the coaches are asking him to do something different. When asked to change, he continued to do what he wanted to do. That's what kids do, they don't listen to what people ask them to do. That's him taking it personally and doing what he wants as opposed to what's best for the team. Kids do things because they think it benefits them more than anything else. Unfortunately in team sports people have to buy into the team concept before you can accomplish anything great. It appears most of the players on this team have bought into what Trotz is selling, some aren't and the ones that are sitting on a regular basis are probably the ones that aren't buying into the team concept.
If he was this big of an issue than why was he in 82 games last year and 67 this year? He played almost every game this year until he did not produce for 6 games in March and he is suddenly benched. If he is such a risk then how did the Preds finish 5th in the West last year and are looking at 4th or 5th this year?

I think some of what Trotz is saying about is smoke. How did it turn South right before the playoffs last year and again this year? Something is not adding up.

Its obvious Trotz way of scratching and tossing him to different lines is not working so why does he not think outside of the box and try something different with him. Not all human adults respond to things the same way.

If he did what you said in the first three sentences than why did Trotz allow him to play in 82 games last year and 62 this year just getting sent to the bench March 27?

What coach would allow what you said in the first 3 lines for 82 games last year and up until March 27 of this year?

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