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02-28-2006, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by bcrt2000
If you would rather not see players play for their country where money isn't an object than I don't see how you *can* be a true fan.
First the Olympics should be amature only. But that arguement has already been argued, and I really don't feel like getting into a semantic agruement.

So I'll look at it with Pro players. The only reason the NHLPA wanted the players to participate in the Olympics was to showcase it's stars. Don't even kid yourself for a second that the NHLPA was looking for the best interests of the individual. Its just one more line a player can add to their resume in hopes of a larger contract.
Disagree with me? Think of this, if the NHLPA really cared, then it would never allow it star players to play under such a hazardous schedule. A schedule that exhausts and potentially damages their assets.

Originally Posted by bcrt2000
they got the right to go to the Olympics, whether or not it hurts their NHL club team.
That is just stupid. How is that good for the sport. The Olymipics would go on reguardless of NHL influence. The only reason the Olympics are at all useful is that for a brief two week span hockey is shown to an international audience. The small hopes of attracting new fans is pointless. Rob Blake just made the comment the other day about how the Olympics give the sport exposure. Right, the only audience Olympic hockey attracts is people that are already fans of the sport.

And for you to say it is the player right to go to the Olympics is fine. I don't agree with it, but there are indeed two sides to that arguement. But for you to state it is their right whether or not it hurts their NHL club team is senseless. The players had damn well care whether or not it hurts their respective club. They should be more concerned about the effect on the NHL than anything else. The Olympics are every 4 years, the NHL is 82 games plus playoffs each year. Say all you want, the NHL is the market, the Olympic is just advertisement. If the players don't care about the effect on their NHL, then they are damn close to ******** in the bed they sleep in.

Look at this year. Sure there is the international crowd that had something to celebrate with Sweden, Finnland, and the Czech Rep. But look around the media. There are several stories about the NHL withdrawling from the Olympics after 2010. Why? Because the league sees the danger to the league. Several players sustained injuries, some played injured, and the stupid schedule exhausted players and made them vulnerable, or more vulnerable, to damage themselves. This could hurt the large market of the sport. That's the NHL, and it pays the players bills, so they all better start caring about the NHL. The Olympic don't hold the sport together. The NHL does.

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