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Originally Posted by theFinn View Post
How about the RBK's with the pump feature? I haven't tried them myself but my sons coach said they work quite well for locking the foot in place. They're pretty popular among the kids since parents tend to buy slightly large skates for the kids to grow into.
anything reebok/ccm would be an absolute disaster for anyone with narrow heels...regardless of the pump. they have the widest heels on the market.

unfortunately, s17's probably have one of the narrowest heels on the market. graf g3's or g35's (or the 7 series counterpart of those two if price is an issue), have the narrowest heels in graf's lineup. if you weren't having any lacebite issues with your vapors or s17's, you likely have a shallow to moderate instep/depth.

another thing to consider is are you sure the length of the skate is right for you foot? if it's a bit too long, that could help add to your heel slippage problem. i know it's been written here before, but ideally you want your toes to be feathering the toecap. a good way to sort of screen for adequate length is to unlace the skates, push your foot forward in the skate until your toe(s) just touch the cap, lean/flex your leg forward and try to slide a #2 pencil straigt down behind your heel. if it fits in easily then the skate is likely too long.

finally, if everything else is right fit-wise, and you simply have too narrow of a heel for anything retail, then you could try stable 26 hockey socks with customizeable padding in the heel. they're pretty steep, but considerably cheaper than going full custom on the skates.

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