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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It was a clean hit, but the intent was obvious. Had the Flyers done that everyone in the media and the HFBoards "Flyers are goons" faction would be screaming about it.

I'm more annoyed by the knee-to-knee, but the response and anger from the Flyers organization is justified if for nothing more than this is hockey; you're supposed to react like that and defend your team when others take liberties.

And the whole "why was Briere out there?" argument holds no water:

1) Penguins had last change.

2) The Flyers fourth line had recently been out.

3) And most importantly, there is no line the Flyers can choose. First line, Giroux gets attacked. Second line it's Briere or Schenn. Third it's Voracek or Read. Fourth it's Couturier. We don't have a line without an important "skill" player. Whoever Vitale takes liberties at, it's a problem.

That is also partially why Lavi cant prove anything.

Both sides' arguments are pretty pointless.

The brunt should come on Vitale, not the coaching.
So he's supposed to just put on the brakes and say "Oh, sorry Danny, I was going to hit you, but since there's only 2 minutes left, I will stop myself and let you pass." It's hockey, play it someday. No Flyer would EVER hit someone with 2 minutes left in a game, including Pronger, Hartnell, or Randino (or whatever his name is). Lol. Time to come back to reality.
Secondly, the Penguins only goon is in the AHL. Unfortunately for me as a Pens fan, no one on their current roster "attacks" people. He checked him. Once again, it's hockey, it's called "checking" and it's legal. There may have been a time in the history of the Flyers where a Flyer checked someone at the end of a game but I'm not sure.

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