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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Without a doubt, every team can point to injuries as a reason for not doing as well as they should have. The Flyers would have been a lot tougher this season with Pronger, for example. However, the difference is, no other team (except MAYBE the Red Wings) could point to injuries as the reason they didn't finish in first place overall. And I don't think it is irrelevant in the sense that it alters expectations (not to mention, affects playoff match-ups and home ice arrangements...granted, the Rangers have the Flyers number so that first round match-up may not have been so bad).

One of the biggest reasons I was so happy to see the Rangers not trade for Nash is because I thought it was a symptom of unhealthy expectations. As if anything less than Cup win this season was a disappointment. Not to me. I don't think this team is the best team, so I'm not going to be disappointed if they don't win the Cup as long as they had a strong showing and either get to the conference finals or lose to the Penguins in the second round in a tough series.
This is spot on. And you are not even considering the NHL's favoritism toward the Pens.

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