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Originally Posted by Santini5389 View Post
Hey thanks for the tips guys. I also find it hard to know exactly where the puck is going to come through as sometimes there are a couple of defenders in between me and my team mate. I guess it's just hard to react sometimes and not over/under skate it. This is all a hand eye and reflex issue though so it's just practice that's needed there.
yes and no...its learning how to read/judge a play/puck and i can be practiced...for example (ill try to explain it so it makes sense but will prob. fail bad), if you and a freind were to pass a puck back and forth, and when your friend passes to you, you watch it off the blade then close your eyes and put you stick where the puck is going to will learn how to read/judge a puck off the blade....its the same thing goalies practice but it will help you in a lot of ways

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